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Welcome to Asian medicine. We are happy you found Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine of New England (ASOMNE), the clinic of Sensei David LoPriore, L.Ac. We are conveniently located just off the highway where I-95 and I-395 meet in East Lyme, Connecticut, in our newly renovated office designed for optimal holistic health care.

Our friendly and accommodating staff are a pleasure to work with. They will answer all of your questions, and work hard ―with even the most restrictive schedules ―to get you the appointments you need.

Our Clinical Director LoPriore Sensei is an exceptional practitioner ―one of the best in the country. His approach is truly comprehensive and holistic, often getting positive results where many doctors have failed to do so before. He specializes in the treatment of both chronic pain and functional issues, and psychological and behavioral health.

LoPriore Sensei never prescribes drugs or any other remedies with unwanted side-effects. His approach is safe, effective, and individualized to you, the unique patient in front of him. For nearly all patients, he uses a combination of advanced acupuncture and counseling. Most patients also find that their healing process is quicker and even more effective when they also receive an Oriental medicine herbal treatment prescribed for them. But if you are sensitive to herbs or supplements, not to worry, there are many other options.

Afraid of needles? No problem. Shiatsu bodywork therapy, acupressure, and subtle advanced non-insertion meridian therapy methods can be used very effectively for pediatrics and for adults who are needle-phobic. So, you and your children can feel safe and look forward to the deeply relaxing and pleasant experience of LoPriore Sensei’streatments. For more information on LoPriore Sensei’s comprehensive approach, see “Acupuncture and So Much More“.  If you have a question about how Oriental medicine can help you with your situation, just ask Sensei.

To make an appointment, call us at 860-739-5102, or email us now at

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